• Take Shelter from the Storm - Tornado Coming!

    Complacency when it comes to Tornados? – Not a Chance! …says a Brit now living in Oklahoma!

    Take Shelter from the Storm - Tornado Coming!Having moved to Oklahoma some 6 years I could have been forgiven for not knowing much about Tornados and what I was getting myself into.  The concept of living in what some people told me was part of Tornado Alley wasn’t about to scare me off because I just saw this is a beautiful part of the world – I now realize that like most beautiful things they can come at a cost.  The cost of living in Oklahoma (along with many other states and parts of the world for that matter) is the potential threat from natural weather conditions – including Tornados.

    In the first few years there was really nothing to talk about in terms of tornado activity in and around Oklahoma and talking to many long term residents there was much complacency around the entire subject and questions or discussion around what needed to be planned, the need to have a tornado shelter, how to go about finding a supplier for storm shelters in Oklahoma, what type of storm shelters there are and how to even know when you should take cover seemed to fall on deaf ears…  This may sound ridiculous to some but I can tell you it was true.  So whilst my family back in the UK busily stressed about this on my behalf I was none the wiser.

    The activities that arose earlier this year changed my mind immediately and completely.   Not one to quote facts for fear of getting it wrong – I think this was the worst death toll as a result of tornados since 1925.  Everyone should prepare themselves for the storm season each and every year.  Anyone that has gone through the events of this year “up close and personal” knows how quickly the weather can change.  Now that is fine if you are talking sun one minute and rain the next – someone said to me not long after I moved to  Oklahoma … “if you don’t like the weather then just wait a minute”.  Totally different matter if you are talking rain one minute, lightning the next, then hail followed by an almighty tornado!  Being prepared ahead of time is imperative both for your safety and peace of mind.

    Oklahoma emergency officials are dedicated to their job of keeping residents notified of upcoming or changing circumstances and their sole objectives is to keep them safe when severe weather conditions threaten.  However, the best officials and the best warning systems cannot guarantee safety when Mother Nature sets in – how can you guarantee anything when you are up against something that might be a mile wide and packing a wind punch of up to 200 miles per hour?

    Points to Consider if you are looking to purchase a storm shelter:
    1)    There are many different types of storm shelters ranging from in ground tornado shelters through to safe rooms and everything in between.  Your best options is to deal with a reputable supplier and ensure all your requirements are taken into account and all your questions answered before proceeding
    2)    Consider the material options available to you and the look and location of the installed tornado shelter
    3)    Ensure you understand whether the installation and delivery costs are included in the prices you are being quoted
    4)    Ensure you understand what preparatory work is required by you prior to the shelter being deliver or installed

    Points to Consider if you already have a storm shelter:
    1)    If water in your shelter is a problem then call an expert to assess what the root cause is, how water is getting in and assist/advise in any repairs.  Once the repairs to your storm shelter are made then clean up any remaining water inside the storm shelter.
    2)    Choose a low toxic method to remove any unwanted bugs and critters from your storm shelter.  Also seal up any cracks that may be allowing them access in the first place.  Again, once the repairs have been made then clean up any remaining critters from your shelter.
    3)    Prepare your essential survival kit in case you end up being holed up in your storm shelter for any period of time – including items such as non perishable foods, flashlights (back at home we call them torches!), a battery operated radio, spare batteries for both the radio and flashlights etc.
    4)    Don’t forget to include approx 1 gallon of water per person you expect to be in your tornado shelter along with any essential medication e.g. insulin.  Take into account any special requirements you may have – for instance babies, children etc.
    5)    Think about clothing and footwear requirements – you should try to ensure the essentials are in the storm shelter waiting for you e.g. footwear, in case things happen in such a hurry that people go in the shelter without footwear, you can be sure that if a tornado hits you will need footwear on the way out!

    Having learnt through first-hand experience this year – being prepared really does matter.  It’s not stupid, it’s not panicking a reason – it is not anything other than the right thing to do to protect the lives of you and your family!  Complacency is not the answer – a Tornado Shelter is!


    Storm Shelter Installation in Oklahoma

    Here’s a short video showing an above ground tornado safe room being delivered and installed in Oklahoma.


    Worst Tornado Outbreak in US History?

    Tuscaloosa TornadoThe storm system that started in Oklahoma and Texas on Tuesday sent families running to their storm shelters as it intensified dropping in excess of 150 tornadoes as it moved across the Deep South.

    The storms spread destruction from Tuesday night and Wednesday from Texoma to Georgia, and it was forecast to hit the Carolinas before moving further north-east. Several states suffered power outages as well as property and infrastructure damage that could prove costly to repair. Floods were a concern throughout the storm-hit area, where rain compounded with melted snow to cause rising rivers and saturated soils.

    Whilst there were no reported fatalities in Oklahoma, the death toll from this storm system is already in excess of 200 with more than 100 coming from Alabama alone.

    Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama were hit hard by tornadoes and Tuscaloosa’s mayor said that sections of the city were destroyed and the city’s infrastructure was devastated, after a tornado hit the area.

    The worst tornado outbreak in U.S. history occurred in April 1974, when 148 twisters touched down in 13 states over a 16-hour period, according to the National Weather Service. The agency said 330 people died and 5,484 were injured in a path of damage that covered more than 2,500 miles.

    That month saw a total of 267 tornadoes — the largest number recorded since 1950, according to the weather agency.  Currently it is unclear whether this current tornado outbreak will break that record, but it is certainly going to come close.

    If you are looking for a tornado storm shelter in Oklahoma, Area Septic Services have many in ground  and above ground options available.